Reminder Bottle Drive (Nov 17, 10:00am – 4:30pm)

Bottle drive this Saturday November 17 – Rain or Shine! πŸ™‚

Location: Nelson School Parking Lot 4850 Irmin Street Burnaby

Beavers join all members of the colony to pick up and sort bottles and cans for the Bottle Drive.

Families are needed to help out at this event.


Returnables from your house, your work and your friends! (Beer, pop, wine, anything you can return for a refund)

A pair of waterproof gloves to keep your hands clean

Wear clothes good for working in

Rain gear

Youth are to WEAR UNIFORMS

Your CAR


We need you to drive the neighbourhood with two scouts to pick up bottles and bring them back for the youth and non-drivers to sort.

If we do not have drivers, we do not have any bottles.

If you are staying at the school, you are needed to sort the returnables by type, count them and bag them for the recycling guy.

Plastic bags are available to line your car.

There is no bathroom on site. MAKE SURE YOUR BEAVER HAS GONE TO THE TOILET.

There will be some food and usually hot chocolate as well.

Thanks in advance to everyone helping out!



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