Beavers tomorrow November 22 – Show and tell

Hi Beaver Families,

Last week at Beaver Scouts the youth decided that this week they wanted to do several different activities related to building and making. For tomorrow’s meeting this is what they decided:

Some Beavers were interested in bringing in LEGO to share some building time. Please ask your beaver if they would like to bring some in for building with. The sets will NOT be mixed up. Bringing in LEGO to share for building is not mandatory. If no one brings any, that is OK too.

Beavers wanted to bring in a Show and Tell item that they have MADE themselves. This can be anything they are proud of having made. It can be a LEGO creation or not – a craft, artwork, or other building set is great. Please have your child bring something to show.

Also, please be reminded that due to the sleepover, we do not have a meeting on Nov 29..


Scouter Rosie


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