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Notices sent to parents by email about upcoming event registrations and reminders. The notices are password protected.

The North Star Award 2016-2017 Year

The North Star Award is the Top Section award for Beaver Scouts. Beavers become eligible to receive the award when they, as White Tails, have their Northern Lights Ceremony, but they can work towards the award during their years in Beaver Scouts.  The award is OPTIONAL. It is a badge the Scout may wear on their uniform through all levels of Scouting. Every section from Beavers through Venturers has a Top Section Award, so to earn all awards in your scouting life would be a big accomplishment that starts in Beavers.

The Badge Booklets we handed out at Investiture include a section at the end about the North Star Award. You can use your booklet to track your progress.

In future, this award will require Beaver Scouts to have obtained 5 Outdoor Adventure Skill Stage Badges. However, this is the first year of Canadian Path badges and our Beavers haven’t had the same opportunity to earn these badges slowly. As part of our transition to Canadian Path, this year only we are offering options for the badge component of earning the award.

Whichever options Beaver Scouts choose, they must speak to Scouter Rosie about their choice and prepare a plan (writing out the choices, filling out the Badge Booklet).

Adapted Requirements for The North Star Award

Required: 5 hours community service / volunteering

Required: Participation in a Northern Lights Project:

  • Option A: Complete the project decided on with White Tails Council
  • Option B: Plan a project on your own and complete it on your own time (Share the plan with Scouter first)

Required: Outdoor Adventure Skill Stages:

  • Option A: Earn 5 Outdoor Adventure Skill Stages
  • Option B: Earn 3 Outdoor Adventure Skill Stages AND 2 Personal Achievement Badges

Required: Review your time in Beavers and what you have experienced and share your thoughts and memories with your Scouters

By telling Scouters about your plan to try for this award, the Scouters can provide support to you.





Apple Pie and Other Reminders :)

Hi Beaver Families,

We hope you enjoyed making Apple Pies with us tonight. Beavers learned about safety with knives and to cut fruit with a plastic knife. They did very well.

I know it seems like a lot of fundraising in fall, but this builds up the money for our group to do fun activities at a discount for the rest of the year. The supplies and site fees for our special activities and events are purchased primarily with funds raised from popcorn, apple day and bottle drives. Without these activities, we would be VERY limited in what we can do. Thank you for helping out.

Instructions for little apple pies
If you are not baking it tonight, cover with plastic wrap and REFRIGERATE the pie.

Please REMOVE the paper and tape from the pie before baking, and if your child put a tin on TOP of the pie please remove that too before baking. MAKE SURE there is a little hole cut in the top of the pie to let steam escape.

Bake it in a 350degree oven, on a baking sheet, for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown and bubbling.

COOL until safe to eat.

Now, reminders for this week:

Apple day is this Saturday October 15. You have all got a scheduled time.

POPCORN DEADLINE is: Tuesday October 18. Go to our meeting place to drop off your complete Popcorn envelopes with Scouter Tim at 7pm on Tuesday October 18.

CAMPFIRE is: Wednesday October 19. I will contact wait-listed parents on saturday night to confirm if you are able to sign up. We have to wait list because we do not have enough registered scouters. Please consider joining our team even as a part-time scouter to help out with special events.

NO BEAVERS October 20 because of campfire. The hall will be dark and closed.

Beavers Halloween Party October 27!!! Wear a costume. It will be fun.

After Apple Day, there is one more fundraising event for fall. It is a bottle drive on November 5. Just like Apple Day, beavers and parents will be expected to sign up to help out for 1 hour. I will send a sign-up sheet early next week.

Thanks everyone!!

Scouter Rosie