1st Southwest Beaver Scouts takes place every Thursday throughout the school year (Sept-June). We meet at the Jubilee United Church Hall where we play games and do activities that prepare Beavers for moving up to Cubs and Scouts.  While most winter nights we spend indoors, we try to get outside as much as we can.  Our group does short hikes in spring and other outings that engage youth in nature stewardship and community engagement.

We are an active group and have weekend activities roughly twice a month.

We take part in the following events and activities:

  • Connecting with nature through Hikes & Short Walks, learning about plants, animals and ecosystems
  • Burnaby Beavers Campfire
  • Burnaby Beaver Buggy Races
  • Burnaby Beaveree (a 1-day camp)
  • Sleepover(s)
  • Orienteering, Knots, and Campfire Songs
  • Taking care of the world by planting trees and picking up garbage along Burnaby’s waterways.

We are 100% volunteer operated, and we have a lot of fun.

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