All Scouts groups are run by volunteers. Most often, groups are led by parents of youth in the group. This is also a great opportunity for youth looking to complete their volunteer hours for school, and for education students at the university level to engage with children ages 5-7.

Many parents like to remain at the hall during the meeting. On the sidelines, you don’t get to see the wonder and excitement in the youth or see how they grow and develop from one meeting to the next. Scouting with youth is a rich experience. Lend a helping hand, and register to join the Scouter leadership team. Many hands make light work.

Benefits to volunteering

  1. your ideas make a better program for your child
  2. you demonstrate community values to your child
  3. Beavers are proud to have their parents volunteer
  4. learn new skills (for your resume like finances and project management, or for outdoors, like camp and trail skills)
  5. have fun experiencing Scouting with the kids!

Want your child to still enjoy the benefit of independent learning through Scouting? We will do that! In our colony, Scouters work with small groups of Beavers called Lodges. We recommend that to ensure a challenging program, Scouters and their Beaver children are in different Lodges.

Nervous about leading a craft or game? That’s OK! Our experienced volunteer Scouters can lead these activities while you ensure safety through Set-up, Clean-up and Supervision!

Register as a Scouter – it’s easy!

  1. Fill out application form
  2. Sign Code of Conduct
  3. Get a criminal record check & pass reference checks
  4. Complete training online
  5. Help out the group!

If you are interested in volunteering with our Beaver Scout colony, please contact our group at the email address below.

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