Badges for Beavers

Scouting is about having fun adventures and trying new things. Beaver Scouts have the opportunity to work on badges during meetings. They can also work on badges at home. Badges are displayed on uniforms.

Beaver Scouts can track their progress using their Beaver Booklet. Beavers’ progress is also tracked in an online program called Scoutstracker that all parents will have access to. It is important to tell the Scouters when your child has completed a requirement at home.

Badges that your Beaver Scout can work on are:

Outdoor Adventure Skill Staged Badges

There are 9 Outdoor Adventure Skill (OAS) badges that all scouts work on. They work up skills in stages. Everyone starts at Stage 1.

Aquatic – Paddling – Sailing

Camping – Trail – Winter

Emergency Aid – Scoutcraft – Vertical

Beavers will choose  3 skills each year to work on in Colony activities. If they have done other activities outside Scouts, or have a special interest they think the Colony would enjoy, please speak to a Scouter about incorporating these skills and interests.

Personal Achievement Badges

Personal Achievement Badges use self-set badge requirements. This means that Beavers work with an adult (Parent or Scouter) to design three activities that will be challenging and fun for them to develop in their chosen area. When they are finished the activities, they can present to the colony or a scouter about what they have learned.

There are 16 general interest topics Beavers can choose from:

Beavers of the World – Canada Beaver – Community Beaver – Explorer

Beaver Heroes – Spirit – Friendship – Leader

Earth – Scientific – Chef – Technology

Music – Creative – Olympic – Pet Care

Youth Leadership Program

To prepare for leading the colony, Blue tails and new White Tails are eligible to participate in the youth leadership program. This is done in one of two ways: during regular meetings, or on a weekend.  YLP Beaver Scouts may take on additional responsibilities.

North Star Award

White Tail (year 3/grade 2/7 year old) Beavers can also earn a top section award to wear on their uniforms in Cubs.  There will be a special ceremony to launch their Northern Lights Quest. To get the award, they will need to have earned outdoor adventure skill (OAS) badges, in addition to completing a community service project and hours of volunteer service.