Announcements for November

Hi Beaver Families,

WHITE TAILS are asked to come early this week to attend a White Tails council meeting. White Tails Council Meeting 6:15-6:30 at the Hall.

This November is an unusually active month for our colony. We hope everyone who came to the Hatchery on Saturday enjoyed themselves!

Please ensure your Beaver Scout is wearing a Poppy.

This morning you will also be receiving Scoutstracker invitations to RSVP for:

November 11 – Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony – we will be meeting at Firehall #3.

– ALL participants are to wear a POPPY for respect and remembrance

– ALL beavers MUST Be wearing their uniforms

– Beavers only will be marching in the parade which means when you drop off your child with Scouters, you will be going to the SIDE of the parade and then meeting us at the Cenotaph.

– here is a link to the Parade Route with Road Closures etc: Parade Route Map

– Please arrive by 10:15am, drive carefully and pick up promptly at the Cenotaph at 12.

November 17 – Bottle Drive – meet at Nelson School

– PLEASE collect bottles and refundables to contribute because bottle drives are essential fundraisers

– be prepared to drive mapped routes to pick up bottles – we NEED DRIVERS WITH CARS or else we have NO bottles.

– here is a link to a sign-up schedule for times and roles – a paper copy of this will also be at the hall for you to fill out on Thursday

– Everyone from the family is invited to help out

– it’s best to bring your own dish or waterproof garden gloves

– Uniforms as always required.

– Waterproof / rubber boots recommended and of course dress for the weather

– if you cannot make it to this event please contact me to make alternate arrangements for supporting our Bottle Drive fundraisers.

November 24 – Sleepover at the Hall

– Chef theme – the youth will work on a Chef Badge and some key food and kitchen safety badge requirements in addition to having a LOT of fun

– this sleepover is not a parent-participation sleepover. If you feel you must attend with your child please contact me.

Thanks everyone!



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