Beavers Fall Announcements

Hi Beaver Families,

What a Fall we have had! In our first 6 weeks we have had investiture, given out group membership crests and neckers, made tails, enjoyed a camp in Aldergrove, Fundraised on Apple Day, had an awesome playground night in the dark and, just on Saturday, a number of us enjoyed campfire with many other Burnaby Area Beaver Scouts.

Thanks to all of you who are coming in on time with your children ready for beavers: in Uniform, with Water Bottle, and in Play Clothes. Thanks also to those of you who have pitched in and helped out. We really appreciate it.

This Thursday is the END of Popcorn Sales! You must bring all your order forms and cash, including the cash for the show and sell popcorn (one bag caramel corn, one box of microwave popcorn), to this thursday’s meeting. You have two days left to sell popcorn! This fundraiser is hugely important for our group! Thanks for all your efforts!

Next Thursday, November 1 is our Halloween Party! Beavers are asked to wear their halloween costumes for the Halloween Party next Thursday! We will have some fun Halloween theme activities and games to play!

Saturday November 3: We will be visiting the Capilano Dam and Hatchery to see the salmon! A scoutstracker invitation will go out for registration for this activity.

Dues: It is now time for our group to start collecting weekly dues. Please pay $4 each month to go towards our arts and craft supplies. If you prefer to pay per season ($12 for fall) or per year ($30) that’s fine too. Dues are payable at the front desk.

Calendar: We will try to post a calendar at the front desk but I STRONGLY encourage you to subscribe to the Scoutstracker Calendar so that you stay up to date.

White Tails: Stay Tuned for a White Tails Council Email. This is a leadership group for White Tails (Grade 2) Beavers. Council will be called on November 8 from 6:15-6:30 (White Tails attending Council are to arrive 15 minutes early, once a month). A separate email will be sent just to White Tail families that week.

Here are some announcements for the Fall Season! If you know in advance that you will, or will not, be able to attend a special event, you may use scoutstracker’s scheduler to rsvp from the calendar.

November 11 – Remembrance Day Parade: All beavers who are in town are expected to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony, in uniform and wearing a red poppy. Ours will be the South Burnaby ceremony, from 1015-noon and information about this event will be in the Scoutstracker event.

November 17 – Saturday Bottle Drive: Everyone is expected to participate as long as possible between 10am and 4pm. A hot dog lunch is usually served. If you are unable to participate at the Bottle drive, please send a friend or family member who can help. We especially need parents who can drive around the neighbourhood picking up bottles with the youth. NOTE: If you absolutely cannot attend a Bottle Drive, please email me! We need help with handing out the bottle drive flyers 1-2 weeks before the event and you can collect bottles and return them for refund, bringing the refund as a donation to our group.

November 24 630pm-November 25 7am: Sleepover! We will be having an indoor sleepover at the hall! It will be lots of fun and is Chef themed. Note: – The November 29th thursday meeting will be cancelled for Scouter Recovery After Sleepover.

Thanks everyone!

Scouter Rosie


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