Beavers – October 5 Meeting and Thanksgiving Hike Info

Hello Beaver Families!

A HUGE thank you to all the families that took time out of their busy Saturday to help our group at Bottle Drive this past weekend! We earned $1,333 to support scouting adventures!

According to the sign-in sheet, the following Beavers and their adults get a big pat on the back:

  • Michael and his adult
  • Asher and his adult
  • Brayden and his adult
  • Chaytin and his adult
  • Jack and his adult
  • Luke and his adult
  • Carson and his adult
  • Karson and his adult
  • Lucas and his adult

Thank you for taking time in between all your classes, sports and parties to help our group! We really needed as many helping hands as possible out there and we were grateful for your help.

If your Beaver helped out but didn’t sign in, please email me and let me know that you were there so I can log service hours for your child.

Next up: Investiture Ceremony on Thursday! ALL youth MUST wear a uniform (Hat and Vest). Our meeting will start at 6:30 with opening, then we will design our group Code of Conduct, and at 7:10 we invite parents to join us for the Investiture Ceremony.

Carson C is our Youth Leader for this meeting. We ask that he please supply 1 adult, such as a parent, to help out.

Remember to bring your child’s weekly Popcorn Sale amounts for the Yellow Popcorn Sheet as we have buttons to collect and a prize draw. Show&Sell popcorn will be handed out this week.

Thanksgiving Family Hike: Saturday October 7 (Belcarra, Port Moody) – a great way to get outdoors on the long weekend with your family! We need 8 youth to register to go ahead with this hike. We will email to confirm if it is going ahead on Friday Evening by 9pm.

You can register through Scoutstracker (under My Signups) or via this form.

See you Thursday!

Scouter Rosie

20171007 Thanksgiving Hike.pdf

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