Tail Groups And Lodges

Beaver Scouts made tails out of felt to attach to their hats. These tails help everyone keep aware of the ages and aptitudes of colony members.   For those children who could not attend this week’s meeting, tails will be available for them to cut out at the beginning of next week.

Kindergarteners, just beginning their adventures, receive BROWN tails. Brown symbolizes the earth ready for planting, the paths through the forest, and the cozy warm fur of the Beaver.

Grade 1 students receive BLUE tails. Blue symbolizes the new speed at which they can travel by air and by sea. One of our new Blue Tails also told us that this is the colour the earth is from space.

Grade 2 students receive WHITE tails. White symbolizes the moon and stars, guiding lights of leadership. The White Tails have special responsibilities to lead the Blue and Brown Tails on their Beaver adventure.

Once the colony received their tails, they were sorted into LODGES. This is a small, multi-age grouping led by one or more White Tails. It is the team that works together throughout the year.  Any Beavers who were not present at the last meeting will be place in a lodge at the next meeting.  At our next meting, Lodges will choose their colour and decorate special pins to show they belong together.

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