The Pond

We had such fun at the pond last night! The weather cooperated and it was overcast but not rainy or even muddy. 15 beavers played games in the clearing and came up with theories about what makes a pond different from a lake. Then Scouter Tim picked up a slug to show the children and we learned that when they are scared, slugs might squish up into almost a BALL. How cool.

The Beaver Scouts quickly noticed a pile of sticks and mud in the corner of the pond. “A Beaver Lodge!” We walked around the side of the pond and then we SAW it. The Beaver! swimming around the pond, diving for food, and generally putting on a good show for us. How lucky we were to see it! We were all delighted.

We then made our Code of Conduct, and agreed to be kind and not hit each other, or push each other into the water, or step on people under us. These were all good rules. There were also some pretty cool spiders.

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