Campfire Theme Meeting

In honour of Fire Prevention Week and the upcoming Burnaby Area Beavers Campfire, we held a Campfire theme meeting.  After a rollicking game of Freeze Tag, we did three campfire related activities.

Edible Campfires helped the kids learn how to prepare a safe campfire area and how to arrange sticks and kindling for a good campfire. Plus, they got to enjoy a snack!

Then, we split into two groups and prepared skits for each other. Group 1 performed The Invisible Bench. Group 2 performed Bubble Gum In The Street.

Finally, we gathered in a circle and sang several camp songs. We sang Ging Gang Goolie, The Button Factory, and Alice the Camel.

Next week: Investiture! All the Beavers are instructed to wear their uniforms and be prepared to repeat the Promise, Law and Motto.

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