Beavers – Popcorn Pickup Tomorrow and General announcements

HI Beaver Families,

Some important announcements and requests:

November 26 (Tomorrow) Popcorn Fundraiser Pickup

Everyone who submitted popcorn order forms: Popcorn pickup is TOMORROW Tuesday November 26, at 7pm in our meeting place, Upstairs. Please come and get your youth’s popcorn orders. If you still had popcorn money to remit to our group, please bring it then and give it to Mariah Battiston or a Scouter (red shirt).

Please make every effort to pick up the popcorn tomorrow. If you are unable to, remaining popcorn orders will be stored at the hall and you can get it on Thursday. HOWEVER space is extremely limited. Please do come tomorrow.

Parent Volunteers Needed: This Thursday November 28 meeting Help

We are short on Scouters this week! Can one or two of you please volunteer to stay at the meeting and help us out? We need support for supervision and safety.

Sleepover Reminder: Saturday November 30th

Some of you have asked for a sleepover camp list. One is attached.


Our group is looking for Cardboard Tubes to use as materials for an exciting meeting January 9th! Please bring in your Cardboard Wrapping Paper Tubes to donate to our group. We will be collecting through December.


On December 18 is Scouts Family Night at the Burnaby Heritage Village. We are collecting items to help people in need stay WARM and DRY this winter. Please collect: Socks, Mittens and Gloves, Hats, Coats, etc, All sizes welcome! Children’s items will be delivered to women’ shelters where they may be needed most – and starting in December bring these items to our meeting place for collection, or store them at home and bring them to the Burnaby Scouts table at the Heritage Village on Wednesday, December 18.


If anyone is confused about how the personal at-home badges work, or needs ideas, here are the links to the helping documents from Scouts Canada.

The steps are:

1. Choose one badge topic that your child is interested in.

2. Decide on three (3) adventure activities that your child can do within that topic area.

3. Do the adventures. Email us when you are done to schedule time for your child to share with the group.

4. Child can bring in drawings, sentences, photos, or the actual things they made, to share with Scouters and The Group as evidence of their hard work.

**NOTE: very shy children do NOT have to speak in front of everyone. Please let us know if your child faces any challenges with that and we can accommodate.**

Parent’s guide:

Ideas and Inspiration for Badge Adventures:

Template for the Planning Pages:

Thanks everyone!

Scouter Rosie

Indoor Sleepover List.pdf

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