Beavers – Personal Achievement Badge Plans – deadline and info

Dear Beaver Parents,

Part of our program includes Personal Achievement Badges that Beavers can choose to plan and work on at home. They will need your help and support to complete these badges. While these badges are OPTIONAL, they are a big achievement for Beavers and usually Beavers proud of their hard work.

They have all brought home a planning page and some of them have come up with some general ideas about what they would like to do.

These are self-set badges which means the beaver chooses three activities that will be challenging, fun, and new learning experiences or skills. Beavers can choose to do three new things in an area (such as cook a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner, for the Chef Badge), or they can go somewhere new, try something new, and share or teach something. NOTE: talk to us about how these badges and your child’s spiritual, sports, or music classes can be coordinated.

If you would like more information, including ideas for Personal Achievement Badges adventure activities:

Parent’s guide:

Ideas and Inspiration for Badge Adventures:

Template for the Planning Pages:

When your Beaver does their adventures, have them draw, write or have photos of their experiences. Ask them to think about what went well and what they would change. They can choose to do a presentation to the colony or just to scouters. You must let us know by the Monday before the meeting if your beaver has completed the badge so we can make sure we have time for their achievement in our meeting and have a badge ready to award.

As soon as your Beaver has finished three challenging, pre-planned, adventures, please email me – we can do early presentations for badges, but the deadline for completion of these badges is Thursday December 5th. Any remaining badges or presentations will be Thursday December 12th.

Beavers will be able to continue work on Personal Achievement badges, and work on new badge plans, throughout the Scouting Year.

Thank you!!

Scouter Rosie

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