Location for this week’s Beaver Meeting (Central Park)

Hi Beaver Families:

Please find attached a map showing the Beaver Scout Meeting Location for this Thursday. We will be meeting at Central Park, near the lower pond. Please note: we will be going for a walk in the park, so do not be late and please email me to tell me if you are not coming. As always, beavers should have gone to the toilet before arrival and bring water they can carry on their walk.

Upcoming Events:

Edmonds Community Cleanup – This Saturday, May 25

Sailing Lesson – Saturday, June 1, @ Jericho

White Tails Camp – Saturday June 8 (Deas Island)

Going-Up Ceremony/End of Year Celebration – Thursday June 20

White Tails:

The White Tail Community Project is a set of activity bags for children waiting for medical tests/procedures or undergoing dialysis. The white tails made lists of things they would like to include. Some youth intend to draw pictures or bring printouts of mazes or other colouring pages from the internet. Markers, crayons, or other drawing/colouring objects and stickers were also on their lists. Please have your Beaver Scout bring their contributions to our outdoor meeting this Thursday, May 23. Scouter Rosie will arrange to make photocopies of activity pages, and we will put together the bags at our meeting on May 30. May 30th is the final deadline for any final things the youth might want to include.

Thanks Everyone!

Central Park Lower Pond.pdf

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