Beaver Scouts Upcoming

Hi Beaver Parents and volunteers,

A few notes about our upcoming events:

Thursday, March 8 – Beavers will be PAINTING BEAVER BUGGIES. The paints will be acrylics and hard to get off uniforms. Please ensure your beaver is wearing something that you don’t mind if it gets painted. We do not have paint smocks.

Beavers may bring additional decorations such as jewels for their buggies, but should be prepared to share.

Parents: can bring hair dryers to help the paint dry faster and glue guns. Parents of younger Beavers are welcome to participate.

March 10 – Saturday Bottle Drive 10-4pm at the hall – We need your help to come out to the hall and help collect and sort bottles to help fund our adventures and activities.

March 15 – Parent Participation: Help your beaver nail the wheels on their buggies! Bring a hammer please.

March 17 Saturday potential hike?- I’m thinking a spring break hike if the weather is good… anyone interested should email me and let me know if afternoon or morning is better for them.

SPRING BREAK: No Thursday meetings March 22, 29, or April 5. First Regular Meeting in April is April 12.

Beaver Buggy Races: Wednesday April 4! See attached flyer. Scoutstracker invite will be coming later today.

Thanks everyone!! Have a great week!

Scouter Rosie

BS18 Beaver Buggy Poster-pdf.pdf

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