Beavers Nov 17 Reminders

Hi Beaver Parents,

  1. This is a reminder that if you have signed your child up for the Nov 26 Beaver Pokemon-Theme Sleepover to please bring $5.00 for the event fee.
  2. All the Beavers who are working on Personal Achievement Badges have been asked to please bring their Badge Plans to our Nov 17 or 24 meeting for Scouter’s Approval. It is important to share the plans with the Scouters so we can assist. All Badge Plans should be challenging for the Beavers and should include activities the Beavers have not done before. If Parents wish to discuss Badge Planning, please email me.
  3. White Tails Council is taking place from 6:15-6:30. The White Tails are doing a great job with making decisions and plans for the colony! White Tails are always encouraged to bring meeting and activity ideas to council for discussion.

Thanks Everyone and see you tomorrow!


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