Beavers – Week 3 Reminders

Hello Beaver Parents,

Thank you for attending last week’s parent meeting, and thank you for completing the survey.

Reminders for this week

ALL children must go to toilet BEFORE the meeting. You may take your child to the toilet upstairs before signing in.

Our Meetings start at 6:30pm Sharp. The hall is open by 6:15. Please allow yourself time to sign in so that your child is not late for opening ceremony.

On Thursday Sept 22, please attend the LAST 15 MINUTES of our meeting (7:15 to 7:30) for the POPCORN KICKOFF for Parents and Beavers. You and your child will learn about prizes and how to sell popcorn.

If you cannot attend the Sept 22 Meeting, please drop in to the Cub Scout Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday September 20. It is in our meeting hall upstairs. You will get the same information then.

DUES will now be collected at each meeting. $1.00 per meeting helps cover our craft supplies. When you sign in, please write in the amount you have paid.

Please bring the emergency kit that youth made last year. Supplies will be refreshed at the meeting. If this is your first year, your Beaver will be making a fresh kit.

The Parent Volunteer schedule is now attached including what you put on the sheet last meeting. Please schedule yourself to help our group during regular meetings and events. We welcome you to choose more than one day and roles to help out.

Opportunities for Youth: Teenagers who need volunteer hours, or youth in Cubs, Scouts or Venturers who need service hours for high school and top section awards can help at our meetings. The Beavers LOVE having older youth at our meetings. Email me if you know a youth who can help out!

CHANGES to our calendar

The Saturday October 1 Welcome Hike for all ages of 1SW Scouts is likely moved to SUNDAY OCTOBER 2. The new date has been added to the google calendar while all sections work out the details. So far, we have planned for a Lynn Valley / Baden Powell Trail hike starting about 1030 or 11am. The Sign up Sheet will be emailed to you later this week.

thanks everyone!

Scouter Rosie

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