Beavers Campfire

We had an amazing turnout at this year’s Burnaby Beaver Scout Campfire. There were at least 70 beavers from the area and we enjoyed the bright light of Scouter Tim’s campfire. We sang a lot of songs! We came together to “Fire’s Burning, Fire’s Burning”, sang “If I weren’t a beaver scout”, “Ham and Eggs”, “Tarzan”, “There was an Alligator”, and many more.

Out of our 19 Beavers, 15 were able to make it to the event. WOW! And those 15 beavers decided I should sing “The Wishy Washy Washerwoman”. So, that’s what we did. Everyone laughed so hard at the gross part!

It was also a special campfire because two of Burnaby Scouting’s longtime volunteers received their Silver Acorn awards. We were honoured to be a part of their celebration.

The weather, too, was perfect. And at the end, we enjoyed Hot Cocoa and a granola bar snack before heading to our homes for a good night’s sleep.

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