2015-2016 Orientation & Registration Day September 10

1st Southwest Beaver Scouts officially launches the 2015-2016 year on Thursday September 10, 2015. Hall will be open at 6:20pm. Here’s what to expect:

There is a coat rack for coats to the right of the stairs.

The Front Desk will have a GUEST BOOK. Please sign in your child’s Full Name, and your phone number.

Fill out a Name Tag for yourself and your child.

A Scouter (a red Scouts uniform shirt and an orange neckerchief) will greet you and your child.  We’re excited to see you!

There will be some games to play. Parents and Kids will participate in a brief Opening Ceremony. After that, Scouters will work with the kids on some orientation activities while Parents fill out the Parents’ package and are oriented by a Scouter.

Pick up a Parent’s Package. The ORANGE pages are your references to take home. The WHITE pages are to be filled out and returned to us at the session. Pens will be available.

Need to Register? Paper forms will be available, or you can fill out on the computer and print your Child’s Registration Form, and if you are planning to volunteer, fill one out for you as well.  Original signatures are required on the forms. Remember to bring a cheque for registration fees ($220) made out to 1st Burnaby Southwest Scouts Canada.

We will all come together for a Closing Ceremony and say good bye until next week.

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