Have a wonderful summer

Our group is now closed for the summer. Registration will be available over the summer. We will have a registration and orientation day on Thursday September 10, 2015.

What will we be doing over the summer? Well, I’ll be doing a bit of camping and searching through scouting resources for inspiration for next year.  We hope to have some amazing options to present the children for next years’ activities.

What kind of improvements will our group have next year? We will be implementing the White Tails’ Council, for 3rd Year (age 7 / Grade 2) Beaver Scouts which will meet to discuss Colony activities and explore leadership ideas and badge work in preparation for Cub Scouts.  White Tails may also get to plan a special adventure, or attend Cub Scout Meetings as appropriate. White Tails Council will meet 15 minutes prior to the first Thursday Meeting of every month.

Also, because our group is expected to grow to roughly 20 children, we will be using “Lodges” – smaller multi-age groups of 5-6 beavers, that will rotate responsibility for Colony Administration, leading ceremonies, and planning activities.  Beavers will be put into their lodges during a September meeting.

Have a great summer!

– Rosie

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