Beaver Buggy Preparations

This week we will continue decorating our beaver buggies.  Last week Beavers painted the buggies.  This week will be gluing and decorating.

Beavers are also preparing a performance for the BP dinner!

These are the words and actions:

Sing:                  Beaver One, Beaver All,

Lets all do the Beaver call,

Action :          (Squat, Make Beaver Teeth with  our hands in front of your mouth)

Sing:                  Beaver 2 ,Beaver 3,

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

Action :          (stand up and face the audience in a line)

Sing:                  Beaver 4, Beaver 5

Lets all have Beaver fun, works hard, helps family and friends

Action :          (point with finger to the audience and then point to her beaver friends as say friends)

Sing:                  Beaver Six, Beaver Seven

Love God and to help take care of the world

Action :          (make a big circle with hands as saying)

Sing:                  Beaver Eight, Beaver Nine

Action :          (squatting like a beaver, pretend to sleep)

Leader:         Good night busy beavers happy building tomorrow

Action :          (BIG TAIL SLAP)

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