Beginner Map Reading

Our October 2 meeting focussed on reading maps and learning the directions. The weather again cooperated with us so we went outside with a basic street map.  First, they found the hall on the map. Then, they noted the direction we were going and we walked North for a block before turning West. They marked their route as we walked, and learned to turn their maps to face the correct direction.

We noted safety features like Street Lights, Stop Signs, and Fire Hydrants. This activity was very exciting for the Beavers as they learned to find their locations on the maps, and could see how far they had come.  They also enjoyed the scavenger hunt aspect.

Back at the hall, we played a directions teaching game. Soon the Beavers were even running to the South-South-West corner of the room! Scouter Tim even had them running to bearings in degrees! Way to go!

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