Our Second Meeting

At our second meeting we played some cooperation games and got to know each other a bit better. We also made awesome nametags using paper punches and some fancy paper.  Beavers sure are creative!

Song Lyrics for our September 18 meeting:

Hermie the Worm:

Sittin’ on the fencepost

Chewing my bubblegum (smack smack smack smack)

Playin’ with my yo-yo (whoo whoo)

And along came Hermie the Worm

And he was this big

And I said, “Hermie, what happened?”

I ate my mother/ my father/ my brother / my sister /I burped.

(Actions: Playin with my yo-yo: Act like using a yo-yo. This big: Use fingers to show how big he is. For the first time, show him small. Each time, make him bigger. Then, on the last verse (I burped), show him small again. What happened?: Shrug shoulders).

Next week: we are going OUTDOORS for a little nature exploration at a local park.  Beavers must be wearing appropriate rain gear! This means boots and a rain coat!

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