Beavers – Last Week’s presentation and Link to Online Event Fee Payment Site

Dear Beaver Scout Parents,

Thanks to those who attended the parents’ meeting last week. For those who were not there, we also handed out progress reports from Scoutstracker and a badge information booklet to all the youth.

Please find attached a copy of the presentation I gave. As I said, we are looking for volunteers to register and help our group at regular meetings. Part-Time is fine! Volunteers who help our group for an entire year will receive a 50% rebate on their registration fee (paid at the end of the year).

I have also attached a two-page document describing the different features in Scoutstracker that you may find helpful. Scoutstracker can be accessed from

Online event fee payment and Debit/Credit Card Payment

You can now pay Winter-Spring event fees and meeting dues with debit/credit in person with Square at our meetings, or ONLINE using our store! Click here to access the store ! Please note that Fees and Dues purchased with Square include a surcharge to cover their service fees.

If your Balance (in Scoutstracker) is not correct, please let me know and I’ll double check my records.

Group calendar

Some of you asked how to access our group calendar. It can be found in Scoutstracker (See the attached guide for where to look for the calendar). You can also load our calendar to your outlook, Google Calendar or iCal! See below for instructions.

Subscribing via Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, etc.

Anyone can add your Troop’s schedule to their favourite calendar app, so you can see your scouting events alongside your family and work commitments.

To do this, click on “Schedule”, then click on the “Subscribe” button below the calendar.

You’ll see a URL (or two, if you’re a scouter). Copy that URLthen follow the instructions for your favourite browser (listed below).

Google Calendar

  1. View your Google Calendar by browsing to
  2. Click on the pull-down menu beside “Other Calendars”
  3. Select “Add by URL”
  4. Paste in the URL you copied (see the instructions above)
  5. Check the “Make calendar publically accessible” if you plan to embed this calendar in your website.
  6. Click the “Add Calendar” button

Microsoft Outlook

Follow these instructions

Apple iCal

  1. Go to “Settings” | “Passwords & Accounts”
  2. Click on “Add Account” | “Other” | “Add Subscribed Calendar”
  3. Paste in the URL you copied (see the instructions above)
  4. Enter a description, e.g., “1st Muddy Paw Cubs”
  5. Leave other settings as is (e.g. use SSL)

Thanks Everyone!

Scouter Rosie

Scoutstracker Basics.pdf
2020 Parent Meeting Presentation.pdf

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