Our September-October Adventures

Beaver Scouts started up at the beginning of September with a parent’s meeting where we went over the expectations and routines that our group uses. These are all outlined in our Parent’s Guide!

The beginning of the year is always an orientation (and reminder) for youth about how we will work together, our routines and responsibilities, and our goals.

Through a voting exercise, the youth have chosen three Outdoor Adventure Skill sets to achieve this year: Vertical (14 votes), Camping (13 votes), Emergency Aid (9 votes). We’ll also touch on Aquatics (8 votes) and Paddling (4 votes). Although only 2 youth voted for Trail Skills, we do expect to have many adventures on the trail.

The youth have also established their Code of Conduct:

  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Tell the truth
  • Be kind
  • Listen to who is talking, take turns speaking and use your inside voice
  • No spitting and practice good hygiene
  • No false alarms
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Be appropriate and safe
  • Clean up and respect our space

We have had an Investiture Ceremony to welcome new beavers, and we have completed two of our main fundraisers (Popcorn and Apple Day).

We also had a Welcome Camp at Raven’s Nest Group Site in Tynehead Regional Park. We shared this camp with our friends from 6th Centre Lake. The youth learned a lot from older Scouts, who taught them some emergency skills, knots, and the requirements of Camping Stage 1 Badge, which all attending youth received. There was also lots of healthy and delicious food, a hike with licorice fern root tasting and a scavenger hunt, a visit to the hatchery and a campfire!

At our halloween party, youth did a couple STEM activities after inventing a game called “Zombie Tag”. They made slime and spiders that climb a rope.

Most recently, we joined 100 burnaby area beaver scouts for a campfire at Warner Loat Park, where each group led campfire songs.


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