Last Minute Reminders – Zoo Camp

HI Everyone,

Those of you who are coming to zoo camp, here are your last minute reminders and a correction to the gear list.

Check-In with the group is at the Gate is 5:30pm
They will close the gate so you must not be late.

Make sure your Beaver has eaten dinner!

There will be a snack and there will be breakfast.

The Greater Vancouver Zoo’s list included tents. Don’t bring a tent. I AM BRINGING THE TENTS.

As always, please ensure your child is able to pack and unpack his or her own gear.

Insect repellent is *important* as we have had a wet june and there may be mosquitos.

Meet us at the gate by 9AM Sunday Morning.

The kids who have slept over may visit the zoo ALL DAY SUNDAY free of charge. If you are picking up your child and want to visit the zoo with them on sunday, the cost for an adult to visit the zoo is $25.50. see this website for daytime admission fees.

If you have not yet handed in the permission slips and emergency contact information, please bring it with you. I’ve re-attached the information.

See you tomorrow!

Scouter Rosie

2018 Vancouver Zoo Sleepover Notice.docx

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