Today May 24 Beaver Meeting – At the Hall

HI All,

We will be meeting at the hall tonight. Hall will be open from 6:15.

Youth are invited to bring their Cloth Maps to this meeting.

Please also bring payment for camp(s).

Camp Questions
Some of you have asked me some questions about either the White Tails Camp or the Zoo Camp. Here are some answers:

Our group will be providing the tents. You need to provide sleeping mat (such as a thermarest or rollable foam mat), sleeping bag, pillow, mess kit (un-breakable cutlery, bowl, mug and plate, in its own bag), and all clothing required. A checklist will be handed out. Beavers are to pack their own bags and know what is in them. Beavers are to carry their own gear as well.

At the zoo, we will be setting up our tents in a grassy picnic area near the baboon’s enclosure. NO animals are loose in the area.

We have a first aid attendant on site at all our camps.

We will also have a night watchperson on site at our camp. At the zoo, a zoo supervisor will also be there.

Hope this helps!


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