Beavers May 11 – meeting at the hall

Hi Beaver Families,

Tomorrow we are having our regular meeting at the hall, and we are staying inside.

Beavers can help out tomorrow by bringing a backpack packed AS IF they are going for a hike. We are not going outside but we are going to talk about being prepared for outdoors and it would help to have some youth examples, so any beavers who are willing to (and have time) are encouraged to please bring a backpack packed with the type of gear they think they might need for an afternoon hike. If they imagine they might need a sandwich or other food, please ensure that food contains NO NUTS.

We will not have a white tails’ council, so our start time for all children is 6:30 tomorrow. Please be on time.

If a parent is able to volunteer to help us out with supervision and safety tomorrow night, that would be FANTASTIC because we are probably going to be missing two scouters from our team.

I will be bringing my computer with me to assist with online registration questions. This is a reminder that you have Priority registration only until May 22, after which the public will be registering. We have already quite a lot of interest from families.

Upcoming Events:

May 13 – Steveston Adventure – rain or shine (The cannery IS indoors but we will be walking outdoors as well so rain gear is strongly recommended)

May 28 – Equestrian Adventure (Registration is completed for this event)

Mark your Calendars for:

Saturday June 3 – Beaver Scout Skills Camp (Deas Island) – this is a 24-hour camp in tents designed for white tails and blue tails. If a Brown Tail wishes to attend please speak to me as this event is skill-based and very independent, and we need to make sure the youth is ready for this type of camp.

Saturday June 16 – 1SW All Sections Camp (Stave Lake) – Beavers will be sleeping in a lodge, this is a camp with Cubs, Scouts and Venturers. This camp is open to Brown Tails as well. Activities will be designed for all ages.

Thursday June 22 – Our Final Meeting

June 28 – 7-9pm White Tails Only: Deer Lake Kayaking with Cubs and Scouts.

thanks and see you tomorrow,

Scouter Rosie

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