Beaveree Tomorrow Saturday April 29 – Last Minute Reminders

If your Beaver is attending Beaveree tomorrow at Warner Loat Park:

Dress for the Weather! This event is outside and Beavers should be prepared for rain and be dressed warmly. The field may be MUDDY.

The parking lot will be very busy with 70 Beaver families arriving. Give yourself lots of time.

Check In is at 1:50pm but you are welcome to arrive earlier than that.

Beavers are to bring Water Bottles that they can carry with them on this very active day.

Bring a gently used book or two to donate to the Book Drive for remote libraries. Books can be for adults or children.

If your beaver is prone to mosquito bites, consider using FAMILY FRIENDLY bug spray. We have noticed with the warmer weather and wetness, mosquitos are coming out.

NO PERSONAL SNACKS permitted. There are many children with various life threatening allergies attending this event.

Check out is at 7:15pm. Please be early or on time. It is a long day for Scouters and we still have to clean up the site.

Thanks and see you tomorrow.

Scouter Rosie


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