Beaver Meeting Feb 16 – Maker Fair

Hi Beaver Parents!

The White Tails have planned the next meeting:

Maker Fair!

This is a show-and-tell event.

ALL Beavers are asked to bring something they have made to show the colony!
Prizes will be awarded for participation and "Most Inventive Invention"
Beavers can make anything they want, in any medium – the sky is the limit!
Examples White Tails have come up with are: Minecraft, Lego, Robots, Art, Food – but it can be anything that your Beaver has made themselves and are proud of.

If your beaver is bringing a Food they have made, the food CANNOT CONTAIN ANY NUTS OR PEANUTS.

If a beaver brings something they made with a grown-up, they should be able to point out the parts they made.

thank you,

Scouter Rosie (and the White Tails)

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