This Week Beavers

Hi Beaver Parents,

White Tails Announcements
White Tails Parents are invited to White Tails Council this Thursday (615-630pm) to hear about the requirements for the North Star Award. This is the "Top Section Award" for Beaver Scouts who are finishing their year. Other parents are welcome to listen in if you wish.

Sleepover Saturday January 21
Everyone who is currently signed up for the sleepover needs to confirm that you have or have not paid the $10.00 fee. I request that IF you have not yet paid please remember to bring your $10.00 fee to the front desk this Thursday. At this point our group has now paid for the event based on your youth’s registration.

Gear list and details for the sleepover is attached.

Spring Beaver Season
In Spring we get a lot of interest in our group for registrations for the second half of the year or for fall next year. We ask that if you sign up your child for an alternate/conflicting activity or your child is not going to come to Beavers for one or more nights due to travel or other activities, to please NOTIFY us so that we can determine whether we have space for additional children to join us.

See you Thursday!

Scouter Rosie


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