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Hi Beaver Parents!

This is a reminder that our New Years Bottle Drive is Saturday January 7, 2017! Please use this form to let us know when you will be coming to sort bottles or drive to pick up bottles.

Also a reminder to bring bottles! A lot of people are celebrating tonight! Tell your neighbours and friends to keep their bottles and bring them with you on Saturday January 7!

If you have any trouble with the form please EMAIL ME with the time you will be coming. šŸ™‚

Happy New Year,

Scouter Rosie

2017 January 7 – Bottle Drive Sign Up
Bottle Drive is January 7, 2017.

All Parents and Beavers participate. We ask people to stay as long as they can to help our group.

Bring at least one bag of returnable bottles (beer, wine, pop, water, juice) when you arrive.

  • 10AM (Drivers Only)
  • 11AM (Drivers or Sorters)
  • 12AM (Drivers or Sorters)
  • 1PM (Drivers or Sorters)
  • 2PM (Sorters only)
  • 3PM (Sorters only)

How will you help?

  • Drive to pick up bottles
  • Sort bottles at the site
  • Either Drive or Sort

Any comments or questions?

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