Beavers Oct 13 Meeting Announcements

Hi Beaver Parents!

**ETHAN is the youth leader for October 13**

**We need a Parent Volunteer for October 13 to help with crafts**

1. Our First White Tails Council is from 6:15 to 6:30 this week. This is the leadership and planning council for our White Tails (Grade 2-3/Ages 7&8). We will be making decisions about colony activities and talking about badge achievement plans.

2. Apple Day Sign Up is required! I will have a paper sheet at the meeting. Or, use the form and link at There is a link to the schedule in PDF format for you. Please look at it to check your booking. Apple Day is this Saturday October 15.

**we need youth to register at the Metrotown Location there are NO beavers registered at Metrotown currently**

3. Campfire Sign Up! Please use the form at . A paper sheet will be available at the meeting. NOTE: this REPLACES our regular meeting. Campfire is Wednesday October 19. Check-in is at Warner Loat Park in Burnaby by 6:30pm. Checkout is at 7:30pm.

4. Lost and found! Attached is a photo of a jacket someone left behind. Please email me if it is yours.

5. Questions about Badges? Email me!

6. Popcorn fundraising continues!! Remember to log your weekly sales at the front desk. There will be a draw for prizes during our Halloween Party, October 27. Keep up the great work!

Thanks and see you on Thursday Oct 13!

Scouter Rosie

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