Have a Wonderful Summer

We had our year-end indoor picnic (more like a feast thanks to everyone’s contributions!), a going-up ceremony and a moving-on ceremony for those youth who are pursuing new adventures in scouting or beyond.   We also played an amazing game of parachute with parents and kids. We gave thanks to all the parents, youth and volunteers who worked hard to make an amazing year.

All the Scouters will take a well-deserved break after a really fun year. We’ll probably go camping with our families, go on little hikes or bigger vacations, and maybe hit the beach. Some Scouters might learn new skills to share with Beavers, or explore potential places for Scouting Adventures.

Later in the summer, I’ll be in touch with those people who have added their names to our reservation list (spots we know exist based on our volunteers) and our wait list (hoping that new volunteers join us so that these kids can be part of our group), to let them know details for registration. This blog will start to be updated with helpful information for parents.

Have a great two months and see you in September,

Scouter Rosie

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