Beaver Scouts Final Week Announcement

Hello Everyone!

Wow! Bottle Rockets were SO much fun tonight! As promised, here is the information sheet on how to do these at home. 🙂

For the Picnic: Please join us at Central Park on next Thursday for our final ceremony, games and treats. I attach the map showing the details of our meeting location. This is a family event.

I regret to announce that our proposed hike on Saturday is CANCELLED. Unfortunately not enough children signed up for this hike. And the weather is NOT our friend for this Saturday. It is going to rain quite a bit and be cold, which will not be as pleasant and we won’t get a good view at the top. We will have to hike another time.

A reminder that your scouters, Craig Aspinall, Timothy Hammond, Natalie Whitcroft, Paola Fairey and myself, Rosie Sill, are all volunteers. If any of the scouter team have contributed to your children’s experience in a positive way, if your children have had a special time in Beaver Scouts this year that you would like to acknowledge, please THANK A SCOUTER to tell us about it!

See you Next Week!

Scouter Rosie

Bicarbonate Soda Vinegar Water Rocket.doc

End of year Picnic.pdf

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