White Tails Northern Lights Quest

Part of our program is to offer a set of challenges to our White Tail (Grade 2) Beavers that can help them grow as Scouts and prepare for Cubs.  These challenges are chosen by the youth in response to the questions: “How can White Tails Help the World” and “What Adventure do the White Tails Want to Do”, and finally, “How Can White Tails Help Younger Beavers”.

At White Tails Council, the White Tail Beavers discussed these questions and started to consider their options. They really liked the notion of going on a hike and cleaning up the area. They also were enthusiastic when one Beaver suggested “Climb a Mountain.”  They overwhelmingly want to go camping.

I’ve asked the White Tail Beavers to think about what sort of challenge quest they would like to do, and to come back with some ideas in the coming weeks so that we can work together and plan. I agreed to also look at some options that might be suitable. We’ll have another council meeting in a couple weeks to discuss.

When asked how they could help the younger beavers, the White Tails considered, and decided that a “Blue Tails Council” should be struck so that Blue Tails could plan, and similarly that a “Brown Tails Council” would be beneficial.

Wow, great planning!


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