Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

As it is a holiday today, there is no Beaver Scouts. We look back on the first half of our Scouting Year and see how many wonderful activities we have enjoyed together.

We’ve learned about how Beaver Scouts work together for a common goal. We’ve sung together at Campfire, we’ve made a beautiful banner for the local hospice, and, most importantly, youth been able to plan together to make our Beaver Scout meetings just they way they want them.

Some of our Scouts have stepped into leadership roles, volunteering to bring supplies and assist the younger youth. Others have enthusiastically shared their ideas and made requests for games and activities. And still other Beavers who started out shy and quiet are starting to lead Opening and Closing Ceremonies. It’s been an exciting half year of development.

In the coming months the Scouts will have more opportunities to lead their own program and design their own outdoor adventures. The Scouters have some pretty cool ideas to get things rolling, but the details – the where will we go, what will we do there, what do we need to bring – will come from the youth.  For other meetings, we already have plans based on the input the youth have provided in a couple planning sessions over the year. There will be Science Night, Beaver Buggy Races, a performance for all sections. We’ll also work with the youth on a community service project and an environmental stewardship project. It’s going to be a busy 6 months.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may the Best of the Season be upon you.

Scouter Rosie

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